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Warming the Community

Our first newsletter launches our Youth Month "give back" to the community. We are collecting clothes, blankets and food parcels which we will be distributing to the children in Kliptown.

Part of every So Where to Adventures experience is a Give Back. We never enter the township without including a give back opportunity, and although some are small, we always feel we play a part in doing a deed of kindness.

This month we are having a double launch.

Firstly, the launch of our newsletter. A regular update on the fun we have had, experiences we can share and ways you can partner with us.

Our second launch is a Youth Month campaign. Lara Price initiated this campaign.

“I am so cold this winter and I so often think of those who don’t live in cosy, warm homes .. how do they do it … lets do something to help !”

So that’s exactly what we are doing! We are going to keep Soweto warm this winter. We are appealing to anyone who has warm clothes, blankets or food parcels to donate and these will be given to the people of the informal settlements in Soweto.

For our partners who are far away we can assist you by buying a blanket for R350.00 or a food parcel for R500.00. We will deliver these for you to Soweto. To make a donation or arrange delivery of clothes, food and blankets, please contact me.

We are also inviting anyone who donates, to join us on our deliveries into the township.

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