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Christmas for Kliptown

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Giving back to the community means families in Kliptown have a meaningful Christmas after a very tough year amidst COVID19.

After putting together a Soweto day for an international event in 2018, we grew quickly and were passionate about Soweto, doing corporate days, amazing races, tours for international visitors and locals alike. It is truly one of the best days in Jo'burg.

No one I’ve taken into Soweto hasn’t had a great day ! - until......COVID 19 took us by storm..

So many people got used to seeing our team and our visitors in Soweto and started to rely on our income - my heart breaks for them. Vusi one of my local site guides messages me everyday - some days just to say "hello mommy"! This weekend, I asked Vusi what I can buy him for a Christmas gift. His words and I quote ‘Food will be enough for me and my family nothing much mommy’ One forgets sometimes how devastating this pandemic has been for so many.

I obviously will put together a food hamper for Vusi but I’m sending this out to those who may have been with me to Soweto or who may still want to go to Soweto to help give Kliptown residents a cheerful Christmas and help contribute a few more food hampers to Vusi and his neighbours. We would be so grateful for any contribution big or small !

Vusi requested that I showcase his dance group as a gesture of appreciation- it always feels good to do good. If any friends or family close by would like to come with me to drop the food hampers would be delighted for you to join me

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