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Football Fun

There are days that happen when one gets to witness the miracles that life has to offer...

Friday was just one of those days.

SO WHERE TO ADVENTURES has two core values to our tours: make the tour meaningful to our guests – to show them and let them experience things that have interest to them

Second... to Give Back. I am constantly looking to give back to the community – big or small and every tour has a Give Back component.

A few weeks ago. I had a family booking. As with every tour I asked them their interests. As they were British, football was obviously a passion for the children and their families. I made contact with coach Skeke, from a football club in the informal settlement where I work and asked if the local children could play a game of football with my guests.

In return I asked Skeke what I can help them with? He requested football boots.

Kicking into action by asking friends and family members to collect football boots, this amazing thing then happened. A friend of mine Lara posted the request on Facebook and peoples' hearts and pockets opened up. We raised a substantial amount and were able to buy 75 brand new pairs of soccer boots.

It was an incredible initiative to see the face of the children opening the box with a new pair of soccer boots


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